Professional 3410 & 5410N™


Rimage 3410 Professional CD/DVD Duplicator


Introducing the Rimage 3410 & 5410N, bringing on-demand CD/DVD/Blu-Ray publishing, duplicating, and printing to any Windows or MAC in any work environment. Includes new advanced robotics with integrated 400 DPI Everest 400 Printer.




Includes Rimage Software Suite. CD Designer, QuickDisc, System Manager, WebRSM, Rapid API, Web Services.
•5410N includes embedded PC
•3410 Connects to your PC via USB 3.0
•Native SATA Recorders for the fastest recording throughput possible.
•Everest 400 Printer integrated prints a 400DPI hi-resolution disc in 60 seconds. Photorealistic, indelible print in now available in a compact, low cost solution.
•Exceptionally Small Footprint helps you preserve valuable office space with its compact size. Measures 19 in x 14.8 in x 19.5 in (HxWxD).
•3 50-Disc Input Holder allows for loading of DVD and CD media simultaneously for duplication of up to 100 discs unattended.
•Optional 50 Disc External Output Hopper.
•Integrated DiscWatch Status Light.
•Rimage Power, Compact Solution takes all the elements of Producer — networkability, robust operation, Everest II print technology, world class software, and custom publishing capabilities — and filters them into a solution geared specifically toward the office.

Technical Specifications   

data streaming – robotics – printing

Standard System Two (2) 16X DVD / 48X CD-R recorders standard; Optional Blu-Ray Recorders, 100 Disc transporter; Everest 400 CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Printer.
Minimum System Requirements

Processor: Pentium 4, 2.8GHz or faster

RAM/Memory: 2GB

I/O: Integrated USB 2.0 on motherboard recommended.

Fixed Storage: 2 7200 RPM Hard Drives with 10Gb free space on each drive.

Network: 10/100 Ethernet w/RJ45

OS: Windows 7 64 Bit or Server 2008.


Blu-Ray Recorders, Server 2008, 50 Disc External Output Bin.

CD-R Printer Everest™ 400 photo-realistic, thermal re-transfer printer400 DPI.  Prints 1 disc in 60 seconds.
Ribbons 3-color (CMY) panel ribbon; monochrome
black ribbon.
Imageable Formats The Producer Software Suite can
create ISO 9660 images (Level 1; Level 1, Relaxed; Level 2, Joliet), Macintosh HFS, Hybrid ISO 9660/HFS, ISO 9660 with Apple
® Extensions images, Rockridge, and UDF.
Recordable Formats
  • CD-DA (Red Book Audio)
  • CD-ROM (Yellow Book Mode 1)
  • CD-ROM XA (Mode 2 Form 1, Mode 2 Form 2,
    Mode 2 with interleaved Form 1 and Form 2)
  • CD-I
  • Mixed Mode (CD-ROM and CD-DA)
  • Multisession (both independent and
  • Track-at-once and disc-at-once are
Power 100-120V/220-240V, 0.7-.29A, 50/60Hz
Relative Humidity 40-80% non-condensing
Bin Capacities

One 50-disc input holder

One 5-tray single disc collator

One 75-disc output bin

Physical 19″ W x 14.8″ D x 19.5″ H  3410=64 lbs  5410N = 69 lbs
Operating Temperature 60ºF-86ºF (15.5ºC-30ºC). Limited by recorder.
Certifications Emissions FCC Class B, EN55022 Class B
Safety UL, cUL, CE
Warranty One year limited depot (U.S.A.).
Service Options Various Rimage Service Programs are available.Contact your local Rimage Service Representative for details.

Specifications subject to change without notice.


Rimage Video Protect DVD Anti-Rip Technology (For Producer & Professional Series)

Rimage Video Protect is ideal for anyone creating video DVDs, to protect against unauthorized duplication.
RVP’s proprietary DVD copy control technology helps film studios and production companies protect their assets.
Copy controlled discs have full DVD playability matching that of unprotected DVDs. Menus, special features and extras remain unaffected.

3000522 Rimage Video Protect Dongle with 100 Credits (Protects 100 DVD’s).……………………….$85

3000524 Rimage Video Protect Dongle with 1,000 Credits (Protects 1,000 DVD’s)……………… $680

3000525 Rimage Video Protect Dongle with 5,000 Credits (Protects 5,000 DVD’s).…………….. $2,550

Professional Series – Network Attached, N Models Include Embedded PC.

Professional Series – 3410

558101-201 3410 CD-R / DVD±R Recorders (w/ Everest 400 Printer)………………………..$5,650
Stacks, duplicates & prints 100 discs unattended. Includes 2 18x DVD±R/48X CD-R
Recorders. PC Connected via 1 USB 2.0 connection. (Does not include PC).

558101-200 3410 Blue-Ray Drives (w/ Everest 400 Printer)……………………………………..$5,850
Stacks, duplicates & prints 100 discs unattended. Includes 2 Blu-Ray Drives.
PC Connected via 1 USB 2.0 connection. (Does not include PC).

Professional Series – 5410N

557101-200 5410N Blue-Ray Drives (w/ Everest 400 Printer)……………………………………..$12,630
Stacks, duplicates & prints 100 discs unattended. (Embedded PC included). Includes
2 Blu-Ray Drives. (Does not include monitor, keyboard or mouse).

557101-201 5410N CD-R / DVD±R Recorders (w/ Everest 400 Printer).………………………..$12,430
Stacks, duplicates & prints 100 discs unattended. (Embedded PC included). Includes
2 18x DVD±R/48X CD-R Recorders. (Does not include monitor, keyboard or mouse).

Rimage Support Files
Tech Support Docs, Files/Firmware:


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XP Pro SP1 FireWire Fix – Download and execute this file to fix FireWire Drives not being recognized in XP.

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