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PC Trace 3.5 Inch Disk Duplicator

PC Trace
PC Based automated 3.5″ Trace
Diskette Duplication System

Tracer ST 3.5 Inch Standalone Disk Duplicator

Tracer/ST Model 223
Standalone 3.5″ Trace
Diskette Duplication System

Trace DL 3000 3.5 Inch Disk LabelerTrace DL-3000
Automatic 3.5″ Diskette Labeler

Trace Diskette Autoloader RepairLoader & Drive Repair
Full service for all Trace
3.5″ Disk Duplication

3.5 Inch Floppy Diskettes3.5″ Floppy Diskettes
Hi Clip Duplication Grade Disks

We have all parts and refurbished equipment available for the Trace Disk Duplicators & Labelers. Please call for specific parts/systems pricing and availability.
We also actively buy back used Trace Disk Duplicators both 3.5″ and 5.25″. Please call or email for details. (510) 226-9062 /

Top Reasons to Invest in a Tracer/ST 3.5″ Disk Duplicator

1.) Easy Maintenance. Our equipment has electronic counters in the drive and in the loader (Stored in EEPROMS). The maintenance counter prompts you when to perform drive and loader maintenance, and the life counter keeps track of how many copies have been made on the drive and on the loader. Move the drive to another loader and the count stays with the drive. This promotes drive life because at anytime you can see how many copies have been made since the last cleaning.

2.) Our duplication drives last longer. Because we are using a 2X base drive with our own electronics, we can completely optimize all of the parameters of the drive and continue to do so, automatically, even during duplication using Auto-Asymmetry. Every 2,500 disks the ST will automatically adjust for head wear giving you the optimum in recording and pro-long the life of the heads.

To do asymmetry head calibration on a 2XSDS drive from a competitor, you’ll need a minimum of $3,000 worth of specialized disk test equipment.

We also have counters that notify the user when to clean the drive. Proper and timely cleaning of heads will significantly increase drive life.
This translates into an average of 80,000 copies per drive, and a well maintained drive can last well over 200,000 copies.

3.) The best duplicated disk possible. Not only does an ST do bit-by-bit verification, the ST also measure Amplitude (signal) and Window Margin (bit placement).
In other words, even if a disk verifies bit-for-bit (competitors equipment), it could still fail on the Tracer/ST because we measure Amplitude and Window Margin during the duplication process. If either of these adjustable parameters is not met, then we will fail the disk. This means you will get a duplicated disk that has the best chance possible of being read on any drive in the field, even if that drive is out of alignment, has electrical and/or mechanical problems.

4.) When a Tracer/ST fails a disk, it tells you exactly why it fails the disk where competitors equipment does not. This is extremely valuable in maintaining and troubleshooting the equipment.

For example, say you are duplicating 1,000 disks and after 500 copies you are starting to get a high reject rate 10%+. Why is it rejecting disks? Competitors equipment will tell you the disk is bad. But that is not very helpful in trying to figure out why they are failing and how to resolve the problem.

Is it the drive? Is it the media? The Tracer/ST will give you the reason for failure which identifies why the disk is failing. For example, if the disks were all failing with:

Margin = Drive heads are wearing out and need to be replaced.
Dropout = Usually indicates media is the problem. Could also be drive or combination.
Compare = Almost always means media is the problem or drive is completely worn out.
WR Prot = Disks are write protected (WR Protect can be enabled, disabled or inverted in Options menu)
1MB = HD disk sensor is bad and needs to be replaced.

5.) Need your production equipment to be tested & calibrated for ISO certification? We support the Analog Alignment Disk (AAD, $65) which will allow you to test your duplication drive for Alignment, Azimuth, Index-to-data, and TAA. Simply place the AAD disk in the loader and press -OPTION- -UTILS- -TEST- -DRIVE- and the ST will give you a pass/fail for each parameter. With the ST 6000, you have all the tools built-in to do all adjustments necessary to bring a drive back into spec. You can even do your own base drive replacements with an ST 6000.

6.) Our warranty is the best in the business. All loader parts & electronics is 1 year. Drive warranty is 1 Year or 20,000 copies, whichever comes first. Most if not all other manufactures warranty that the drive works upon receipt only.

7.) Advanced World Products services and supports all equipment sold and we won’t refer you to someone else to take care of any questions or problems as we have 2 full-time technicians that repair and support this product. That means 95% of the time when you call with a question someone will be available to take your call and answer your questions. And we’ve been in business 19 years selling and servicing Trace Mountain Disk Duplication Equipment. During this time we’ve sold more than 1,000 Trace Mountain Autoloaders and have never had one returned.

8.) Need to replace your current disk duplicator because it no longer works and/or you can no longer get support? We will give you a $500 trade-in towards the purchase of a Tracer/ST 223 or 6000.

9.) Extended Service contracts are available and quoted upon request.

10.) Simply the best disk duplicator ever manufactured with over 70% of all disk duplication done on Trace Mountain equipment.

11.) 30 day money back guarantee and the last disk duplicator you will ever need…….Guaranteed.


Tech Support Documents for 3.5″ & 5.25″ Trace Disk Duplication Systems

Tracer/ST 223/323/6000/8000 (Standalone 3.5″ Disk Duplicator)

How to Clean Tracer/ST AutoLoader (Prevents or resolves disk jamming)
How to Clean Drive
How to Change a Drive
How to load 3.5″ Diskettes in Tracer 3+/ST Input Hopper
Error Messages and Solutions
Loader Diagnostics and adjustments
CPU Eeprom Checksum Failure – How to fix.
Drive Eeprom Checksum Failure – How to fix.
TIP 5300 Printer Ink Pad Cleaning Instructions
How to Cross Verify Disks between Tracer/ST and a Series 2000/3000
VIDEO: How to Replace Tracer/ST Base Drive (YouTube Link)
VIDEO: Command out of Sequence Error – How to troubleshoot
Tracer/ST Model 200 Release Notes (DMF 1.68Mb and Mag Index)
Tracer/ST Addendum CopyStream and CopySet
Tracer/ST Service Manual -147 Pages ($40)
Tracer/ST 6000 Owner’s Manual – 176 Pages ($35)
Tracer/ST 223 Owner’s Manual – 156 Pages ($35)
Tracer/ST 8000 Owner’s Manual – 210 Pages ($35)

Trace Quest for Quality Document

Series 2000/3000 (Unix Based Controller for 3.5″ & 5.25″ Loaders)

Series 2000/3000 TPU NVRAM Replacement Instructions
How to Cross Verify Disks between Tracer/ST and a Series 2000/3000

Tracer 5+ Autoloader (PC Controlled 5.25″ Disk Loader)

Tracer 5 Drive Clamping Adjustment Procedure

Tracer 3+ Autoloader (PC Controlled 3.5″ Disk Loader)

Tracer 3+ Loader Cleaning (Prevents or Resolves Loader Jamming)

DL-3000 Diskette Labeler

DL-3000 3.5″ Disk Labeler Service Manual

For Additional Tech Support please call (510) 226-9062






























































































































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