Markforged FX10 3D Printer – Introducing the most versatile tool for your factory floor.

FX10 Features
• Designed for the Factory Floor
• Auto Bed Leveling (no shims)
• 2X Faster/Larger Build Volume vs. MF X7
• Extended Life Plastic Nozzle (After 125 800cc Onyx Spools)  
• Extended Life Fiber Nozzle (After 66 150cc CF Spools)
• Extended Life Tubing (Lasts 3X Longer than MF X7)
• Print 3,200cc Onyx unattended vs. 800cc MF X7
• Reusable multi-use print-sheet
• Heated Build Chamber/Print Bed (up to 60C)
• Build Volume 14.8″ x 11.8″ x 11.8″ (xyz)
• Load up to 4 800cc Filament spools with auto changeover
• Vision Part Inspection Camera – Inspect every layer unattended.
• Simulation and Inspection Software
• Printbed Overview Camera – Takes part picture every 5 part layers  


About the FX10

Markforged FX10 3D Printer is the next generation industrial composite 3D printer — the result of years of engineering innovation and technological advancement. Built on the success of the Markforged X7, its sole purpose is to deliver strong, accurate parts every print. FX10 features a new modular architecture that’s designed for upgradability and print head-mounted optical sensors that can verify dimensional accuracy of parts and assess device health and performance. It utilizes automatic calibration and material changeover, yielding a simple, low-touch user experience that mitigates the need for dedicated operators. Markforged software controls every aspect of FX10 — so users can quickly go from CAD to print, share parts across their organization, and monitor fleet performance from a central location. FX10 is the versatile tool that supercharges your manufacturing productivity and profitability.

Printing Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)Composite Filament Fabrication (CFF)
Material Compatibility: Carbon Fiber, Onyx
Build Vol(xyz): 14.8 x 11.8 x 11.8  Inches (375 x 300 x 300mm)
Extruders: Dual Quick Change
Accuracy: (.005 – .0100″ xyz)
Layer Resolution: 125 – 250um
Min Feature Size (Nylon Only): 1.6mm
Min Detail Size: 0.8mm
Min Wall Thickness (To Add Fiber) : 2.6 – 3.0mm
Moving or Interlocking Parts (Clearance between parts): 0.5mm
Overhangs & Supports: 40+ Degrees Requires Support
Nozzle Widths: Plastic/Nylon = .4mm wide / Fiber = .9mm wide
Filament Diameter: Carbon Fiber = .38mm Plastic & Nylon =1.75mm
Printer Dim (L x W x H): 30 x 25 x 48 Inches (760 x 640 x 1200 mm)
Chassis: Anodized Aluminum Unibody
Build Platform: Precision Machined Aluminum
Draft Blocking Enclosure: Yes
Printer Weight: 240lbs
Printer Shipping Weight 300lbs
Software: Cloud Enabled
Supported OS: Mac OS 10.7 Lion +, Win 7+, Linux*
Supported Browser: Chrome 30+
Supported Files: .STL
Connectivity: WiFi, Ethernet, USB Drive



Our Most Advanced Material For High-Performance 3D Printing.  Onyx is a Black Nylon
infused with Chopped Carbon Fiber.

ONYX is vs. ABS
233% Tougher
39% Stronger
47% More Heat Resistant
27% Stiffer
ONYXNO POST PROCESSING  Delivers stunning matte black finish without mechanical or chemical finishing.
ONYXACCURATE STABLE PARTS  Added Micro-Carbon Fiber delivers increased dimensional stability and near 100% print success rate.

ONYXMARKFORGED ADVANTAGE  Onyx can be used alone or further reinforced with Fiberglass, Kevlar & Carbon Fiber.

Read More about Onyx Here

Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber has the highest strength to weight as well as the highest thermal conductivity. Perfect for applications requiring the greatest possible stiffness and strength.


Higher strength-to-weight than 6061 Aluminum
The Mark Two prints outer contours and curves in engineering nylon and fills each part with close-packed reinforcement in continuous carbon fiber, Kevlar or fiberglass.

The printer actively switches between two nozzles during a print, creating fiber-reinforced plastic parts with a strength-to-weight ratio better than aluminum.


img_3720-2 venetian-mask tesla-turbine-onyx-pro softjaw-in-situ-onyx-pro softjaw-onyx-pro impeller_in_car airfoils-onyx-pro _mg_7354 intake-final img_0563 img_0559 _mg_0627 _mg_0624 _mg_0622 _mg_0599 Drone Side View Mold Two Side Drill _mg_0549 Drill Printed on Mark X _mg_0535 Onyx Mark X Print Comparison 50 vs 100 Micron Drone Rotor Close Up 50 vs 100 Micron Print Sample _mg_0463 _mg_0448 _mg_0444 _mg_0426 _mg_0401 _mg_0336 _mg_0254 _mg_0133 _mg_0437 servo-flange-with-insert-molded-horn-kevlar-reinforced-nylon_15534865338_o robot-servo-arm-with-insert-molded-horn-kevlar-reinforced-nylon_15535449950_o nylon-impeller_15535449710_o mount-kevlar-reinforced-nylon_15547749269_o micro-quadcopter-arm-kevlar-reinforced-nylon_15720289415_o kevlar-impeller_17981839338_o kevlar-impeller_17549129753_o jet-turbine-model-kevlar-reinforced-nylon_15534411289_o jet-turbine-model-kevlar-reinforced-nylon_15100337664_o impeller-kevlar-reinforced-nylon_15548179038_o img_5847_15550450728_o img_5845_15712185556_o img_5843_15737444102_o img_5837_15550022179_o img_5834_15551066000_o img_5828_15115942594_o img_5822_15550450748_o img_5815_15550710467_o img_5207_web_15534411479_o img_5159_web_15721833882_o horn-fixture-2_16202648264_o gi-2590-military-solar-charge-controller-nylon_15534411419_o 3d_printed_horn_tooling_16638824339_o 3d_printed_horn_fixture_8047_16637568638_o 3d_printed_fixture_horn_8058_16205200443_o 3d_printed_fixture_horn_8055_16824019952_o 3d_printed_fixture_french_8056_16825129895_o _mg_7628_16187592566_o _mg_7627_15593618673_o _mg_7625_16211583171_o _mg_7598_16212671612_o _mg_7595_15593619473_o _mg_7592_16213461015_o _mg_7589_16025953518_o _mg_7588_15593620223_o _mg_7585_15591065934_o _mg_7571_15593620503_o _mg_7568_16187595056_o _mg_7547_16213459605_o _mg_7542_15593620843_o _mg_7537_16026121580_o _mg_7529_16027362839_o _mg_7522_16027644177_o _mg_7520_16025954758_o _mg_7518_16211585691_o _mg_7511_16213462755_o _mg_7505_15591067244_o _mg_7503_15591067574_o _mg_7502_15591067664_o _mg_7499_16187596366_o _mg_7496_16211586511_o _mg_7485_16027645227_o _mg_7484_16211586621_o _mg_7481_16213464085_o _mg_7459_16027645787_o