PC Trace Pro PC based Automatic Floppy Diskette Duplicators


Pictured is the PC Trace Pro System with an In-Line Printer. By virtue of being PC based, PC Trace Pro offers unlimited pctproflexibility in what you can do to automate floppy diskette tasks. In addition to making perfect copies of your master, PC Trace can Serialize, Copy Protect and Print label information directly to the label affixed to the floppy diskette. PC Trace can also automate tasks such as virus scanning a stack of masters or loading multiple masters up to your network server. Whatever task requires repetitive reading and or writing of floppies can easily be automated with PC Trace.


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: PC Running Windows 95, 98 or DOS ONLY. Will not run in Windows NT, 2000, XP, 7, Server 2003. Will not run in any DOS Box instance.

PC Trace Pro Features
•Supports mosts formats automatically including IBM 720K, Mac and IBM 1.44Mb, DMF 1.68Mb, Unix, and Xenix. Built-in format editor allows for duplication of the most complex or custom formats.

•Copies from 30-45 Disks/hr.

•Each sector is CRC checksummed compared and each byte of information is compared against the original to ensure perfect copies every time.

•Built-in utilities make drive cleaning and maintenance simple.

•Supports serialization for unique identification of each disk.

•Software support for complete command line control. Every function of software can be run from DOS command line for complete automation and customization.

•Supports BBI Computer Systems StopCopy and Aztech Software’s Everlock Copy Protection.

•Store masters on-line (local hard drive or network) for quick duplication. Each image file is CRC Checksummed to prevent duplication of possilbe corrupted images.

•Supports the Trace In-Line Printer for printing on labels after duplication. Create collated sets of disks on demand or even create a custom order entry system that will create your master on-the-fly, duplicate it, and then print the unique information on the disk label.

Tech Support Documents for 3.5″ & 5.25″ Trace Disk Duplication Systems

Tracer/ST 223/323/6000/8000 (Standalone 3.5″ Disk Duplicator)

How to Clean Tracer/ST AutoLoader (Prevents or resolves disk jamming)
How to Clean Drive
How to Change a Drive
How to load 3.5″ Diskettes in Tracer 3+/ST Input Hopper
Error Messages and Solutions
Loader Diagnostics and adjustments
CPU Eeprom Checksum Failure – How to fix.
Drive Eeprom Checksum Failure – How to fix.
TIP 5300 Printer Ink Pad Cleaning Instructions
How to Cross Verify Disks between Tracer/ST and a Series 2000/3000
VIDEO: How to Replace Tracer/ST Base Drive (YouTube Link)
VIDEO: Command out of Sequence Error – How to troubleshoot
Tracer/ST Model 200 Release Notes (DMF 1.68Mb and Mag Index)
Tracer/ST Addendum CopyStream and CopySet
Tracer/ST Service Manual -147 Pages ($40)
Tracer/ST 6000 Owner’s Manual – 176 Pages ($35)
Tracer/ST 223 Owner’s Manual – 156 Pages ($35)
Tracer/ST 8000 Owner’s Manual – 210 Pages ($35)

Trace Quest for Quality Document

Series 2000/3000 (Unix Based Controller for 3.5″ & 5.25″ Loaders)

Series 2000/3000 TPU NVRAM Replacement Instructions
How to Cross Verify Disks between Tracer/ST and a Series 2000/3000

Tracer 5+ Autoloader (PC Controlled 5.25″ Disk Loader)

Tracer 5 Drive Clamping Adjustment Procedure

Tracer 3+ Autoloader (PC Controlled 3.5″ Disk Loader)

Tracer 3+ Loader Cleaning (Prevents or Resolves Loader Jamming)

DL-3000 Diskette Labeler

DL-3000 3.5″ Disk Labeler Service Manual

For Additional Tech Support please call (510) 226-9062























































































Everest 600 Win 7 Drivers
CD Designer 8.5 with Win 7 Drivers (ISO Image)