Markforged Onyx One 3D Printer – Gen 2

Onyx One Features:
• Onyx (Nylon 6 + Chopped Carbon Fiber)
• Single Extruder Printhead
• Strong, Accurate, Beautiful Parts
• Removable Printbed
• Eiger Basic Cloud Slicing Software
• Includes Printer, Drybox, Spare Nozzles, Toolkit

Onyx One Review

Top Reasons: Markforged Onyx One 3D Printer

The Markforged Onyx One features a single print head designed
uniquely to create parts with our Onyx Black Nylon infused
with chopped carbon fiber filament.

Welcome to the best, most accessible desktop 3D printer designed uniquely
to print beautiful carbon fiber black parts. Start with the Onyx One and create parts
for a wide variety of applications using our acclaimed Onyx black Nylon infused with
chopped carbon fiber filament. Step up to the Onyx Pro for the impressive
strength of adding continuous fiberglass for strong composite parts.




Printing Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Material Compatibility: Onyx (Black Nylon infused w/chopped Carbon Fiber)
Build Size(xyz): 12.59 x 5.19 x 6.06 Inches (320 x 132 x 154mm)
Extruder: Quick Change
Pause/Resume Prints: Yes
Accuracy: 50 Micron (.002″ xy)  – 100 Micron (.004″ z)
Layer Resolution: Nylon: 100, 200 Micron (.004″- .008″)
Min Feature Size (Nylon Only): 1.6mm
Min Detail Size: 0.8mm
Min Wall Thickness (To Add Fiber) : N/A
Moving or Interlocking Parts (Clearance between parts) 0.5mm
Overhangs & Supports 40+ Degrees Requires Support
Nozzle Widths: Plastic/Nylon = .4mm wide /
Filament Diameter:  Plastic & Nylon =1.75mm
Printer Dim (L x W x H): 22.6 x 12.7 x 14.2 Inches (575 x 322 x 360mm)
Chassis: Anodized Aluminum Unibody
Build Platform: Kinematically Coupled
Draft Blocking Enclosure: Yes
Printer Weight: 50lbs
Printer Shipping Weight/Dim: 75lbs, 35 x 25 x 30 Inches
Software: Cloud Enabled
Supported OS: Mac OS 10.7 Lion +, Win 7+, Linux*
Supported Browser: Chrome 30+
Supported Files: .STL
Connectivity: WiFi, Ethernet, USB Drive



Introducing Onyx

Our Most Advanced Material For High-Performance 3D Printing.  Onyx is a Black Nylon
infused with Chopped Carbon Fiber.

ONYX is vs. ABS
233% Tougher
39% Stronger
47% More Heat Resistant
27% Stiffer
ONYXNO POST PROCESSING  Delivers stunning matte black finish without mechanical or chemical finishing.
ONYXACCURATE STABLE PARTS  Added Micro-Carbon Fiber delivers increased dimensional stability and near 100% print success rate.

Read More about Onyx Here

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