Catalyst 6000

NEW - Catalyst 6000 CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Publishing System


Rimage Catalyst™ disc publishing systems offer industrial grade hardware, front-office friendly design and professional quality disc production, an ideal choice when high-volume production is not required. The Catalyst system comes standard with and Everest® or a Prism III™ printer and, a fit for any IT environment, can be ordered with or without an embedded PC.




Powerful Printing

Catalyst systems, with the world’s best full-color and thermal monochrome disc printers, provide top-of-the-line printing and industrial-grade production in a front-office friendly package.

Rugged Durability

With positive air flow through a front-accessible filter, quick-release recorders, front-facing hard drive bays and separate printers, Catalyst systems are designed to be easily maintained
in any environment.

Flexible Production

A three-bin carousel handles up to 150 discs, either one type of disc for uninterrupted production or up to three types of discs for productive flexibility. Disc output can be configured to
the external bin or one of the internal bins behind a lockable door.

Key Features

  • Rimage Catalyst systems feature powerful printing, with the world’s best full-color and thermal monochrome disc printers. Select from Everest® 600 or Prism III™.
  • With positive airflow through a front-accessible filter, two quick-release front-swappable recorders, front-facing hard drive bays and separate printers, Catalyst systems are
    designed to be easily maintained in any environment.
  • A three-bin carousel handles up to 150 discs, and Catalyst has a 50-disc external output bin.
  • Additional features include a two-line LCD status display, integrated DiscWatch™ status light, front-accessible USB 3.0 port, locking door, and internal lighting when the
    door is opened.
  • Rimage Software Suite 9.1 included with Catalyst.
  • Options include Blu-ray Disc™ recorders, and a Media Reader.




Number of Recorders



Carousel / Total Capacity

3 bins / 150 discs

External Output Bin Capacity

50 discs


Everest 600 or Prism III


Intel 4th Generation i3-4330

User Supplied

HDD Storage

2 x 500 GB


8 GB

Operating Systems

Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Network Adapters

Two 1 GB Ethernet

Rimage Software Suite (RSS)

A full set of software tools enabling unique artwork design, job submission, system management, production monitoring and custom application creation.

CD Designer




WebRSM/ Rimage System Manager (RSM)



22,8 in / 58 cm


15,1 in / 38,4 cm


21,5 in / 54,6 cm

Weight (without printer)

65.3 lb / 29.7 kg

61.7 lb / 28 kg

Weight w/ Everest 600

110.3 lb / 50.1 kg

106.7 lb / 48.5 kg

Weight w/ Prism III

85.3 lb / 38.8 kg

81.7 lb / 37.1 kg

Power Specifications

100-240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 3.9-2.6 AMP, 500 watt Maximum


12 months

Rimage Video Protect DVD Anti-Rip Technology (For Producer & Professional Series)
Rimage Video Protect is ideal for anyone creating video DVDs, to protect against unauthorized duplication. RVP’s proprietary DVD copy control technology helps film studios and production companies protect their assets. Copy controlled discs have full DVD playability matching that of unprotected DVDs. Menus, special features and extras remain unaffected.
3000522 Rimage Video Protect Dongle with 100 Credits (Protects 100 DVD’s).……………………….$85
3000524 Rimage Video Protect Dongle with 1,000 Credits (Protects 1,000 DVD’s)……………… $680
3000525 Rimage Video Protect Dongle with 5,000 Credits (Protects 5,000 DVD’s).…………….. $2,550

Catalyst Series (NEW)

Catalyst Series 6000 (2 Recorders)
Catalyst 6000 w/ 2 18x DVD±R/48X CD-R (w/Everest 600 Printer)……..$11,540
555560-102     Catalyst 6000 w/ 2 Blu-Ray Recorder (w/ Everest 600 Printer)………….$11,740
555460-202     Catalyst 6000 w/ 2 18x DVD±R/48X CD-R (w/Prism Plus Printer)……….$17,050
555560-202     Catalyst 6000 w/ 2 Blu-Ray Recorder (w/Prism Plus Printer)…………….$17,250
Stacks, duplicates & prints 150 discs unattended with 2 Recorders. Does not Include PC.

Catalyst Series 6000N (2 Recorders)
Catalyst 6000N w/ 2 18x DVD±R/48X CD-R (w/Everest 600 Printer)……..$12,430
555560-102     Catalyst 6000N w/ 2 Blu-Ray Recorder (w/ Everest 600 Printer)………….$12,630
555460-202     Catalyst 6000N w/ 2 18x DVD±R/48X CD-R (w/Prism Plus Printer)……….$17,940
555560-202     Catalyst 6000N w/ 2 Blu-Ray Recorder (w/Prism Plus Printer)…………….$18,140
Stacks, duplicates & prints 150 discs unattended with 2 Recorders. Includes Embedded PC


Rimage Support Files

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