Attend Markforged 3D Printer Open House

3D Print Onyx + Carbon Fiber/Kevlar/Fiberglass


Welcome to the new age of 3D printing
With in-process inspection, precision sensors, and a large build area, our X7, X5 & X3 3D printers take fiber-
reinforced strong printing to a new level.  Print finished parts exactly as designed with a first-ever
combination of quality, dimensional accuracy, and strength.

You will learn about these key features:

Industrial Scale Printing with Dimensional Precision.  Markforged just doubled its previous print area of the Mark Two and now offers a total print volume of 16,500 cm3 (330mm by 250mm by 200mm XYZ).  With a first in the industry laser sensor, ensure dimensional accuracy of your most critical tolerances at any point in your print.

High Quality Resolution. The X7, X5 & X3 offer 50 micron resolution for high detailed, high quality prints.

3D Printing with the Strength of Metal.  The X7, X5 & X3 builds off the portfolio of Markforged high-strength materials: carbon fiber, Kevlar, and high-strength, high-temperature fiberglass.

We will also be showing:
Onyx One – $3,499
Mark Two – $13,499
Don’t miss your chance to get an up close and personal view of the MarkForged X7/Mark Two/Onyx One and how this technology can transform how you work and play. Register for this no-cost Open House today.     

Upcoming Markforged Open House

6/19/2018 10AM – 4PM Advanced World Products Fremont CA USA Open House Register