2000i Series II

Rimage 2000i CD/DVD/Blu-Ray PublisherSimple. Powerful. Affordable.

The Rimage 2000i™ Series II is a simple, out-of-box solution for recording and printing CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs. In a matter of minutes, the Rimage 2000i can be installed and producing discs. Affordable inkjet printing offers a wide range of colors, resulting in vivid graphics with sharp, easy-to-read text.

Starting at $2,500.00


Key Features Include
•Two front-swappable recorders (CD/DVD or Blu-Ray)
•100-disc input capacity
•100-disc output capacity
•4800 dpi Inkjet printing
•USB 3.0
•Rimage Software Suite (RSS) – Network allows the 2000i Series II to be connected to a network for use by anyone. It is a complete set of tools that include CD Designer, QuickDisc, WebRSM, WebQD and Rimage System Manager. DiscFlow for Mac is optional.

data streaming – robotics – printing

Standard System 2 16X DVD±R/48X CD-R or 2 Blu-Ray general use recorder, 100 disc input / 100 disc output hopper, 4800 DPI 480i
Ink-jet printer, Rimage Software Suite.
CD-R Printer 480i Ink-Jet 4800 DPI Color Printer
Imageable Formats The Imaging Server Software can create ISO 9660 images (Level 1; Level 1, Relaxed; Level 2, Joliet). Macintosh HFS, Hybrid ISO 9660/HFS and ISO 9660 with Apple® Extensions images.
Interfaces 1 USB 3.0 Connection
Software Rimage Software Suite (RSS) – Iincludes CD Designer, QuickDisc, WebRSM, WebQD and Rimage System Manager. DiscFlow for Mac is optional.
Operating System 32-Bit – Win 7 Pro & Ult, WinXP SP3, Vista
64-Bit – Win 7 Ultimate,Enterprise & Pro/Win Server 2008 R2 Std

Recordable Formats
  • CD-DA (Red Book Audio).
  • CD-ROM (Yellow Book Mode 1).
  • CD-ROM XA (Mode 2 Form 1, Mode 2 Form
    2,Mode 2 with interleaved Form 1 and Form 2).
  • CD-I.
  • Mixed Mode (CD-ROM and CD-DA).
  • Multisession (both independent and
  • Track-at-once and disc-at-once are
Power 120/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.7 Amps
Relative Humidity 40-80% non-condensing
Bin Capacities 100 disc input bin.  110 disc output bin.
Physical Dimensions: 15.8″ W  x 21″ H x 20″ D  Weight: 62 lbs.
Operating Temperature 60ºF-77ºF (15.5ºC-25ºC). Limited by recorder.
Certifications FCC, UL, ULC and CE
Warranty One year limited depot (U.S.A.).
Service Options Various Rimage Service Programs are available.Contact your local Rimage Service Representative for details.

Specifications subject to
change without notice.


Rimage Video Protect DVD Anti-Rip Technology (For Producer & Professional Series)

Rimage Video Protect is ideal for anyone creating video DVDs, to protect against unauthorized duplication.
RVP’s proprietary DVD copy control technology helps film studios and production companies protect their assets.
Copy controlled discs have full DVD playability matching that of unprotected DVDs. Menus, special features and extras remain unaffected.

3000522 Rimage Video Protect Dongle with 100 Credits (Protects 100 DVD’s).……………………….$85

3000524 Rimage Video Protect Dongle with 1,000 Credits (Protects 1,000 DVD’s)……………… $680

3000525 Rimage Video Protect Dongle with 5,000 Credits (Protects 5,000 DVD’s).…………….. $2,550

Rimage 2000i Series Series II CD/DVD or Blu-Ray Duplicators

555801-702 Rimage 2000i Series II (2 18x DVD±R/48X CD-R Recorders)…………………………..$2,500
Stacks, duplicates & prints 100 discs unattended. 2 18x DVD±R / 48X CD-R recorders.
Includes Rimage 480i Integrated Ink-jet printer and Rimage Software Suite.
Attaches to PC via 1 USB 3.0 Connection. (Does not include PC).

555801-702 Rimage 2000i Series II (2 Blu-Ray Recorders)………………………………………………$2,650
Stacks, duplicates & prints 100 discs unattended. 2 Blu-Ray recorders.
Includes Rimage 480i Integrated Ink-jet printer and Rimage Software Suite.
Attaches to PC via 1 USB 3.0 Connection. (Does not include PC).

Rimage Support Files

Tech Support Docs, Files/Firmware:


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