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DVD, Blu-Ray, CD Duplication Equipment Sales, Service & Supplies

Advanced World Products specializes in the sales and servicing of CD,
DVD, Blu-Ray duplicators, and 3.5" Diskette & Hard Drive Duplicators
from Rimage, Microboards, and Trace. Now in our 26th year
of business, you can be assured that we have a solution that
is right for you with complete service and support solutions for all of your
3.5" Diskette, CD-R, DVD-R & Blu-Ray duplication equipment.


Rimage CD, DVD & Blu-Ray Duplication & Printing Equipment Sales & Service

Microboards Manual Tower
High Speed Manual Tower.
CD-R / DVD±R / Blu-Ray
Multi-Drive Tower Duplicators.
Starting at $399
Rimage Desktop 2000i Series II
Ink-Jet, Entry Level. Stacks, duplicates, & prints 100 discs unattended.  Includes ink-jet printer.
Starting at $2,695
Rimage Professional 3410 & 5410N. Intermediate - Stacks, duplicates
& prints 100 discs. Includes new
Everest 400 Thermal Transfer Printer.
Starting at $7,230
Professional 5410N Video
Rimage Producer 6200N, 7200N, 8200N Lights Out, Runs 24/7. Stacks, duplicates, & prints 400 discs unattended. Includes Everest 600 Thermal Transfer Printer.
Starting at $15,550
Producer IV Video
Rimage Everest III, Everest 600,  Prism Plus & 480i Standalone & Automated
CD / DVD /Blu-Ray Printers. 
Starting at $1,300
Rimage Color Ribbons & Print heads


New- Windows XP upgrade to Win 7 FAQ

Rimage Authorized Repair & Service Center - Fremont, CA (510) 226-9062

Rimage Video Protect (Copy Protect your DVD Videos)
Support - Rimage Support files
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Trace 3.5" Floppy Diskette Duplication Equipment Sales & Service
PC Trace
PC Based automated 3.5" Trace
Diskette Duplication System.
Tracer/ST Model 223
Standalone 3.5" Trace Diskette Duplication System
3.5" Floppy Diskettes - Hi Clip Duplication Grade Disks Trace DL-3000
Automatic 3.5" Diskette Labeler.
Loader &  Drive Repair
Full service for all Trace
3.5" Disk Duplication

Top Reasons to Invest in a Trace 3.5" Floppy Diskette Duplicator

Trace Diskette Tech Support Documents
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We have all parts and refurbished equipment available for the Trace Disk Duplicators & Labelers.  Please call for specific parts/systems pricing and availability.
We also actively buy back used Trace Disk Duplicators both 3.5" and 5.25".  Please call or email for details. (510) 226-9062 /

Logicube Hard Drive Duplication Products


The Ultra Portable Hard Drive Software Cloning Device Sonix - The fastest most reliable one-to-one hard drive duplicator High Volume Modular Hard Drive Duplication System (2-10 Drives) New - OmniClone SCSI Hard Drive Duplicator.

Hard Drive Duplication Equipment PRICE LIST
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